Fathers Day Gifts, Stoneware?

Thats right rough and rugged stoneware for your man! What man doesn’t like a cold beer after a hard day at work. Or maybe working around the house completing that honey do list. Cutting the lawn on a hot summer day.

Well Fathers Day is coming and Stoneware Lovers USA has the perfect gift to fit the occasion. Stoneware Beer Steins, thats right beer steins in many shapes, sizes and designs. Stoneware is very durable and will help keep that beer cold down to the last sip!

Mara Beer Steins, with their unique design could be used for any beverage you can think of. Mara’s artistic talent highlights the 15oz beer steins with sculpted masks.  And the 16 oz Beer Steins come with Mara’s love of nature, and turning everyday objects into beautiful stoneware art.  Stoneware Lovers can add to their collection or give as gifts!  Each piece is engraved and painted by hand.  All of Mara’s design pieces are high temperature fired with lead-free glazes.

So give a gift that Dad will continue to use time and time again Stoneware Lovers USA beer steins by Mara.

“Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!”

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Mothers Day, What To Give?

Mothers Day Gifts, what do I give this time?
There are so many unique gifts to offer Mom
on Stoneware Lovers USA website, it may be
hard to choose. But here is the good news!

Many of our gifts can be matched up and
become part of an on going collection. The good
news about that is you can add to her collection
year round and never run out of ideas for gifts.

Works of art that are plesant to the eye and
extremely durable for every day use. Stoneware
is a great gift that will last a life time!

Time is getting short a gift certificate will get your

Mothers Day Gift delivered on time all the time!!!

“Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!”

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Stoneware Lovers USA Presents!

Stoneware Lovers USA is proud to bring you the finest in Stoneware Design by renowned artists, Mara and Prado. Stoneware Cookware is not only pleasing to the eye, but Stoneware Dishes are durable, and will last a life time!

Serving, while entertaining friends and family is fun, so invite people into your home and share the pleasures of food and fellowship.

That’s the inspiration behind the Stoneware Designs we offer you. Art work for your table, bringing people together. So say yes, and serve your guests with Stoneware Dinnerware! Designs by Mara, an accomplished painter, sculptor and ceramicist, studied engraving with the famous artist Alfredo Zalce. After studying art in Lundon, she began working with high-temperature ceramics and created wonderfully unique glazes for her pieces. Mara Stoneware, flowers, birds and geometric stoneware designs all represent her personal vision and display her unique perceptions of the world.

Prado Stoneware, Prado Ceramics is a unique stoneware success story of the synergistic blending of stoneware designs from Rodo Padilla and Juan Prado.  Prado, renown restaurateur of the very popular La Terraza de la Abuela, explored stoneware production possibilities for his restaurants with Rodo Padilla.

The happy result of their relationship is the continuation of the ever popular Mug Tree and Accessories line by Padilla and the fabulous square stoneware dinnerware designs and bold new glazes from Prado that can be seen here.

“Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!”


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About Us, Stoneware Lovers USA!

Last year we realized with such high demand for our quality stoneware products, that we needed to start a website dedicated just for stoneware.  Stoneware Lovers USA is what has been birthed from this idea!

Our experience on the Internet started with Coffee Lovers USA back in 2007. My husband, Joe and I work together to bring the best quality Coffee products to our customers.

My love for Arts & Crafts had me searching for things related to coffee, like designer stoneware mugs. That’s when I found the artist’s Mara, and Prado, and added their stoneware mugs to Coffee Lovers USA site, and then expanded with Teapots, Pitchers, and Creamer and Sugar Sets.

So Stoneware Lovers USA is here to bring you all of the designer stoneware pieces from these talented artists. Not just stoneware mugs, but dinnerware sets, serving pieces, collectibles and more!!
We will strive to offer more artists as time goes on, but for now, we hope you enjoy what we believe is “Artwork for your Table.”

“Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you.”

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